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Soundly is a fully featured sound effects platform for Mac & PC, and includes thousands of royalty free sound effects, such as those found in the At The Beach Collection.

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There’s no better place to spend a beautiful day than at the beach. Make your audience feel they are there with no worries in the world.

It’s a warm, bright day. You hear the faint crash of waves on the shore.

Over the noise of children laughing and enjoying themselves, you occasionally hear the low drone of an airplane as it passes overhead.

You hear the drone of the plane get louder and slowly get quieter, as the plane flies away.

What a perfect day.

As this scene’s editor, you want to make each member of your audience feel that they are there, enjoying that beautiful day with everyone else in the scene.

You want to make them feel as if they were propped down on a beach towel and taking in the surroundings.

So when you spend the day at the beach, you know you’ll hear a range of different sounds.

When you think of the beach, you can see and hear different things.

So what do you hear?

There’s the patter of footsteps on the sand. The cries of seagulls in the distance. The slight breeze that blows in from the sea.

Quite a relaxing scene to edit.

So you’re sat at your desk, rewatching your beach footage. Deciding which sound effects you need and where you’ll put them.

Ok, so you’ve decided you need a particular sound effect. You go to the internet to search for it.

After you’ve spent some time looking for that perfect sound effect, you download it.

When you’ve finally added the sound effect to your footage. What’s next?

You have to do the same process again for the next sound effect you want to add.

Stopping and starting again in what seems to be a never ending cycle. Just sat there doing the repetitive.

You just want to continue adding the sounds to your scene. You keep switching from the bright colors of the beach to boring, ugly web pages.

We get how you feel. When you’re hard at working editing, interrupting your workflow by doing this really makes editing really tedious and unenjoyable.

Being creative should never have to feel tedious.

That’s why we at Soundly dedicate ourselves to helping (number of people) everyday save time editing by keeping all the sound effects you need in one convenient place.

And we can help you save time while doing what you need to do; filling your audience’s ears with the sounds sounds of the beach.

Introducing A Day at The Beach Sound Effects Collection

The A Day at The Beach Sound Effects Collection becomes your toolkit to adding the right sound effects for scenes at the beach.

Waves crashing in different ways, various types of footsteps on the beach. Different types of footsteps on the sand, from a slow paced walk to a faster scurry.

And that’s just on the beach.

Is there a vehicle on the sea in your scene? This collection has a variety of, from a jetski ripping past on the waves, to the horn of a ferry on the horizon!

Having all the sounds you could possibly need for a day at the beach in one place, you save time while being able to focus 100% on your scene.

Come on. You’ve got a beach scene to tend to. Save time by downloading Soundly and just do what you love doing; creating an atmosphere of a time or place out of sound.

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